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Our Kinda 3D Swimwear Collection

Scarlet white bikini kinda 3d swimwear costume sposa costume bride to be

We love creating beautiful and outstanding things and we have an obsession for Made in Italy. That’s a good summary of our DNA!

Discover our Kinda super feminine handmade swimwear collection. The softest and most glamorous beachwear you’ll ever wear.

Made in Italy with love

We use only premium microfiber, as we believe that quality makes the difference.

We have a strict control process on fabrics, from selection to production, which allow us to craft the high-end female swimwear you love.

We have chosen Italian suppliers to ensure consistency and accuracy in production, and guarantee you receive products that meet (and exceed) your expectations.

We choose only the best, and you?

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Handmade in Italy
Diva bikini rosso kinda 3d swimwear
3D embellishments
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Super soft on your skin

Perfect fit

A super soft swimwear collection featuring silky and super stretch microfiber give you the most glamorous feeling when wearing your Kinda swimsuit.

The perfect comfy and feminine fit you were looking for. That’s what you told us!

Shop the collection

Shop our 3D swimwear collection. Your new glamorous addiction.

Bride to be?

Discover our Wedding Collection

Discover our Kinda Beach Bride Collection of bikinis and swimsuits especially designed for brides and bachelorettes swimsuits. White bridal one pieces created for your beach wedding day and for your bachelorette party.

Limited Edition

Reìna Limited Edition

We fell in love with blue, navy blue. And created a limited edition one-piece from our signature Reìna design, featuring pearls and lace 3D embellishment. Made with love and recycled microfiber in Italy.

Make room in your closet for your new favourite swimwsuit.

The first handmade 3D swimwear. Ever.

100% Italian

No doubt everything here is made in Italy with the finest italian fabrics and the highest italian knowledge.


Our swimsuits are handmade by expert and patient tailors, ensuring each piece is unique.

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