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Rebel Angel è il costume intero omaggio all’omonimo singolo di David Bowie e ai petali ondulati del fiore del Geranio.

Questo modello è in Econyl, un tessuto 100% riciclato realizzato recuperando scarti industriali, filati e reti da pesca abbandonate nel mare.

E’ morbidissimo ed è decorato con rouches 3D in tulle lavorate a mano.

La silhouette a V lo rende leggermente modellante, la sgambatura alta ma lo slip ha una vestibilità coprente.


ABOUT Rebel Angel sky blue


As each Kinda 3D Swimwear piece, Rebel is an hymn to music and nature.

It is a tribute to David Bowie’s song and a triumph of natural shapes: we’ve started from the softest microfiber and designed it to enhance the body of every woman (it is seamless, no stretch, durable and shaping) then we added the most delicate tulle ruffles and folded it by hand, until we reached the perfect waves.

We selected the softest tulle fabrics, only made in Italy, to give you the smoothest experience when wearing your swimsuit.

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We use only 100% made in Italy fabrics, because we believe that quality makes the difference.

This swimsuit is made with Econyl, a recycled microfiber thread made from the fishing nets found at the bottom of the Oceans.

We love our planet, and you?

ABOUT Rebel Angel sky blue


100% Italian

No doubt everything here is made in Italy with the finest italian fabrics and the highest italian knowledge.


Our swimsuits are handmade by expert and patient tailors, ensuring each piece is unique.

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