S|S 2021 Collection

Summer Riviera Collection

S/S 2021

Snow sequin swimsuit black one piece bodysuit kinda 3d swimwear

The essence of Kinda 3D Swimwear S/S 2021 Collection lays in the original definition of the Italian word “Riviera”: bank of rivers, lakes or other inland waters. Designed and shot by Lake Bracciano, my birthplace, this new collection was born as an hymn to Italian summer and couture heritage.

Alessandra Durastanti, Founder Kinda 3D Swimwear

Snow sequin swimsuit black one piece bodysuit kinda 3d swimwear


Our signature

One-pieces and bikinis made following the ancient 3D hand-sewing technique of “Fabric Manipulation”, which allows fabrics, if sewn according to precise rules, to become three-dimensional.

Seen since ever on haute couture runways, we applied it to elastic fabrics!

Wearing one of our handmade pieces, touching it and feeling it on your skin is definitely a unique experience.

Summer Riviera LOGO

Beach Couture


The warmth of the sun vibrates in the atmosphere, and the golden reflection of light through the champagne glasses reveals the precious haute couture details of the pieces of this new Kinda 3D Swimwear collection.

A collection of warm nuances inspired by the sultry Italian afternoons, with vibrant Mediterranean accents inspired by citrus fruits and vegetation of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Made with love in Italy

100% Italian

Everything at Kinda is made in Italy with the finest fabrics and the highest Italian knowledge.

Unique pieces

Each embellishment on our swimsuits is handmade with love by our team of Italian tailors, ensuring each piece is unique.

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